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For the best in professional personal injury services, get in contact with Peter Gartlan Solicitors today.

Road Traffic Accidents

Peter Gartlan Solicitors provides clients with dedicated and experienced legal advice and legal representation following road traffic accidents.*

Unfortunately, road traffic accidents* remain common on Irish roads. Even a relatively minor road traffic accident can result in an injury that requires costly medical intervention.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, Peter Gartlan Solicitors’s personal injury solicitor* is available to discuss your legal options.
If you have been injured due to the negligence of a third party road user, our personal injury* solicitor can help you receive the legal redress you deserve.

To book a consultation with our personal injury* solicitor, get in contact with Peter Gartlan Solicitors today.


After a road traffic accident, it is perfectly natural for shock or even panic to set in, however, it is important to try and remain as calm and as composed as possible. After a road traffic accident,* it’s vital to exchange information with the other road user involved in the accident.
The information you should collect includes:

The Person’s Name
Insurance information
Phone number
Vehicle Registration

Call the Garda as soon as possible following a collision. Even if the collision seems minor, it is important that the Garda log the collision in an accident report. This accident report will remain on file and may become a vital piece of evidence.

In the event of an injury, seek medical attention immediately. The effects of shock can include a numbing effect that may make the extent of an injury hard to detect.

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